Meet Zuvaa: New African Fashion online store

ZuvaaWe love how international magazines showcase different fashion looks to their readers. In this way, fashion lovers can be inspired and directed to the right locations to purchase items that make them look fab. With all this said, there are just a few magazines that showcase our fashion. You know, Ankara, Batik, lace combined, yet with Zara, H&M and Top Shop included. You know, the Diaspora girl type of fashion. Therefore we reached out to all our contacts to become partners with us, so that when we showcase African fashion, we can direct our readers to them. We have added a new retail store to our partners list and that is Zuvaa. Zuvaa is a yet to be launched online store with African inspired fashion.

About Zuvaa

Zuvaa is founded bij Kelechi Anyadiegwu. She saw an opportunity to showcase a refreshing side of Africa through fashion. Through fashion, she hopes to give people a better understanding of African culture. She intends to create an online community for African Fashion that showcases the beauty and vibrancy of Africa while still providing pieces that people can feel are unique and have meaning. Zuvaa will sell fashion for men and women.

More than just a site

Zuvaa is going to sell items from designers around the world. Using the drop-shipping method, designers will showcase items on the platform and then have the responsibility of shipping the item to the customer. In this way, Zuvaa contributes in building a community for her designers.


Storytelling is a means of communication in African communities and Zuvaa plans to weave storytelling into the overall online experience on their platform. Each item will carry a unique story, which will contribute in communicating and understanding African cultures. Zuvaa wants clothes to not just have aesthetic value but to also have a personal meaning. The platform intends to bring relatively affordable items to her customers. The products on the site will have a variable price between $50 and $200.

Zuvaa will be launched on May 1st. So, get ready!

In the meantime, enjoy a good breath of Zuvaa on:

Their website






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