Abomination! Why Akon and Wizkid reject dark skin women

Akon and WizkidOkay, so people are going in on Akon and Wizkid right now. Because they (or their peoples) allegedly turned down dark skinned girls who were called to participate in their forthcoming video, because it turned out that they were looking for half cast (mixed race) girls (source Fashion Ghana). And this was said to be upon request of both artists. I don’t know what story Wizkid and Akon have in their defense, but people are not very happy with this matter. And they better start formulating a good statement against this, since their fan base predominately consists of dark skin people and 2013/2014 needs no nonsense like dark vs light skinned walhalla.

So here’s what I have noticed in black entertainment in general. Talent shows, videos, black movies, you name it, will always look for the type of girls they need for a specific shoot or video take. Let’s say, If the subject of a certain film or video is: dark skinned girls, then that’s what they will be looking for. It’s the same thing with talent shows. Regardless of if you’ve got talent as a participant. They’ll pick someone with a big fan base or someone who can generate more ratings for the show. So every audition, whether in music, fashion or film, has to do with what the producers are looking for and that which you have to offer. If you don’t have what they are looking for, you will not be selected. That’s just the hard way it is.

What I have also noticed that in black entertainment, especially in modern culture, light skinned girls probably generate more jobs thank the so called dark skinned girls. This is very much happening in the west. Because most of the time, light skinned girls are considered more beautiful (blame it on colonization) and more marketable. What I mean with more marketable is that they are casted more often, because they are considered as appealing to a broad audience. As a result, a lot of music videos by ‘dark skinned’ artist will have a light skinned woman in the leading role. Correct me if I am wrong.

Akon and Wizkid

Now here you have two artists like Akon and Wizkid. Akon is a beast when it comes to music, both in African and international music. Akon needs no introduction. Having made music with the likes of Lady Gaga, Eminem and more, it is considered logic that the models in his videos are quite diverse. Now let’s take a look at a few of his leading ladies from his former videos, like Sorry, blame it on me, So paid (a song which I love), Lonely. These video include light skin leading ladies.

Wizkid is making waves in the Afrobeats scene. If we take a look at his previous couple of videos, it seems as if he doesn’t fancy too many models or a leading lady. There is no proof, other than his own girlfriend who happens to be fair colored, that he would fancy light skin models only.

Akond and Wizkid

Wizkid and his grilfriend


In Akon and Wizkid’s case, it might be that the subject of their forthcoming video has to do with light skin. Then it’s totally understandable that that’s the kind of women they are looking for. If the case is that they need light skin women for their video, so that the video will be appealing to a broad audience then shame on them big time! I don’t consider Africa (in my experience Ghana) discriminating between dark and light skinned people. Superstars from the likes of Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Oroko, Genevieve Nnaji are doing so well and reach the necessary audience in Africa. Let’s wait for the story that will come out in Wizkid’s and Akon’s defense and pray these  two are not the idiots people think they are.

What do you think. I know it’s quiet suspicious having used these pics, but I know you’ll get me.



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