Where fashion and arts meet: Lady Africa’s African Fashion & arts event

Lady AfricaThe African Fashion & Art event takes place coming Sunday on the 1st of September at Gallery Project 2.0 in The Hague, The Netherlands, starting from 3 pm. Many at times when thought of arts, what comes to mind is: BORING! But the truth is, the fashion forwards get their inspirations from arts. Art is beautiful. Art is so much more than a painting for example. It’s an expression of creativity from within. Ok… before I start getting too deep.

Lady Africa is on online and offline African fashion store, which we have written about plenty of times. At this event Lady Africa will showcase her collections with a fashion show and ooh yeah, to set the mood right, there will be drinks and food! Probably not jollof rice and chicken, BUT enough to soothe the appetite.

Lady Africa 2

Lady-Africa. Model: Sabrina Starke

As for the event section, work from Denis Rouvre en Robbert Fortgrens will be exhibited. In one sentence:  A combination of food, fashion and Art. What else do you need?

Ooh yeah, the show is not only for females. There will also be fashion for men. So bring your hubby, boyfriend, brother or whoever along and let’s toast to a good Sunday.

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Arts and Fashion event



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