Weekend recap: Black fashionweek Paris part One

As promised, we get back on Blackfashion week that took place in Paris from Thursday 4th of October till Saturday the 6th of October. The weekend was special. Aside from the fact that we enjoyed lovely fashionweek, we had the chance to inhale the beauty of Paris and everything that’s in it. I must say, I love the city, especially the African Francophone. There are so many similarities between the Africans in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. From the way we dress to the way we talk, there are always things that can make you think: “allright, that’s an African.” Whether it’s the drawn on brows or simply the way someone speaks. It’s beautiful to see. Here are the highlights of Black fashionweek in Paris. 

Africans are always fashionably late!

The location of the Blackfashionweek was at Pavillon Cambon 46 rue Cambon in Paris. We had to walk through people looking with amazements at our outfits, but that didn’t take too long, because the location was very close to our hotel. ABINA had early access to the location. The show was planned to start at 6.15pm, but at that time, it hadn’t started yet. Our head started thinking: “Africans, ooh”. But starting later than planned is not a thing we aren’t used to. Africans just deal differently with time, it’s the way we are. Besides, the place wasn’t full yet around 6. I assume they didn’t want to start without the place being packed. We had enough time to take pictures and enjoy the venue anyway, because the venue was awesome. From the lights to the decoration, everything was beautiful. There as a lot of press, personalities, you name it. Honey, you would see anything from she-males to Fashionista-extraordinaire. But hey, that’s the world of fashion. 

The shows

The show started around 7.30 pm and it kicked off with Adama Paris. Adama Paris is no stranger to ABINA. We interviewed her in a previous post about her Afro-kini. Her collection to me was: ‘funeral gone chic.’ The overall color was black and she incorporated accessories that were yellow, red and orange. The details differed from shoulder designs to skirt designs. It was lovely all the way.

The impression of Laquan Smith from USA was: WOW! The collection was Fresh, funky, futuristic and colorful. I love me some Laquan Smith, honey! His collection was fantastic. I discovered earlier about him through Empire girls. And I loved the designs that appeared on that show. So this showcase made me love him more. His models walked kind of fast though. But it left me hungry for more. Personally he is also so kind and cool. I made a picture with him! I love to see such young (24 year old) black man making it in his business.

Jamila Lafqir from Marocco was elegant. I love the fact that this fashion week also included designers from North-Africa. We mostly forget about Africans from this region and we focus a lot on Pan-Africa. You can definitely recognize the brand as Maroccan by the long dresses and usage of the colors. The overall collection used a lot of color, silk and it wasn’t revealing as other collections that were showcased. Elegance was written all over it. This is definitely a designer ABINA will be looking out for.

Sophie Nzonga Sy from USA/Senegal showcased her collection also. Her collection had me thinking: church-woman-with-swag’ ish, because it was so sophisticated and chic. I could see my mother wearing it. And believe me, that is a very positive thing, because my mother is my fashion lady no. 1. Sophie used crème colors and satin blouses and the hair of the models were tied up. The collection displayed sophistication all the way.

Below are runway pictures and pictures captured by ABINA. Watch out for part 2 recap of the fashion show, a streetstyle recap and more pics!

Runway pics are provided by Nicolas Roman





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