The Small & Beautiful Concept Store


WardRobe by MMPR is a “small & beautiful” chic concept store for men and women launched in Bonamoussadi, Douala at the ModeMaison PR office with the aim of providing clientele a niche wardrobe style shopping experience where the atmosphere is relaxed, the clothing items are quality and affordable and neatly arranged with a service that is client focused.

We aim to stock handpicked European high street, affordable luxury and African brands catering for different tastes and expectations. Our clients are fashion savvy experimentalists who are confident in their own style, know what they want and also love some exclusivity. Therefore most of our items would be one offs.

WardRobe by MMPR aims to change the Cameroon fashion landscape by cultivating a more refined and thoughtful taste taking into consideration that different life experiences, have led their clients to have expectations that are different from the rest.

About ModeMaison PR

ModeMaison PR is a new school Douala based communications, marketing and branding agency collaborating with brands from the music, fashion, beauty, cinema and lifestyle industries.

Their job is to create buzz, brand the image of their clients as well as build them up to become a recognisable and professional brand within their industry.

Handpicked treasures awaits you at WardRobe by MMPR.

All Cameroon based readers, better get there!


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