Vlisco opens a pop-up store in Dutch department store

While Ankara is gracing international retail stores like Topshop and Zara, Vlisco has joined hands with Bijenkorf, a Dutch department store to open a pop-up store which opened to the public last Monday and opens till June the 18th. As ABINA shared before, Vlisco is thé well known Dutch Ankara producer with a huge market in Africa. Charle, you can make any African woman happy with a Dutch wax. Like my mother always says: “Vlisco prints never fades.” Pursuing the Western market wasn’t on Vlisco’s to-do-list 3 years ago (I know this, cause that’s what their then Junior media-specialist made known to me), but it seems as now Ankara is a trend in the West, Vlisco wants to stick to being a market leader there also. At the pop-up store, there are Items like scarfs, fabrics and books available ànd you can have a taylor-made item done.


Taylor event


Vlisco collection. Source: Vlisco website

Always wanted to have a dress custom made? You can select out of sampled-styled fashion items, like a trouser, blazer, jacket, top or dress and have it taylor-made at the pop-up store. Within a week after ordering, your item will be ready. Prices ranges from 189EUR for shorts to 429EUR for a garment. Charle, these prices no be small thing. It doesn’t even cost this much at the Vlisco store in Accra, when you buy a limited edition ànd have it taylor-made there. But héy, this is Europe. I wonder if this will work in a market where people are quiet apprehensive towards wearing anything as colorful as Ankara. The styles do look very nice. In the meantime, let’s check this out.

The pop-up stores are held at Bijenkorf department stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven.

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