Update: An African City Season 2 coming soon?


An African City

Source: MaameYaa Boafo’s instagram

We are in suspense for season 2 of An African City. The web series, which is often referred to as the African Sex & the City, generated more than a buzz after its launch early last year. The series,  which is founded by Ghanaian entrepreneur Nicole Amarteifio, gave a perfect picture of what it is like to move back home as a Diaspora girl, in my opinion. CNN referred to the series as a web series that dismantles stereotypes. If you ask me, the series is fun and fashionable medium where I can relate to. After having worked in Ghana for a while, I can definitely relate to frustrations which were talked about in the series. And actress MaameYaa Boafo announced wrapping up the taping of the coming season. 

We have been keeping an eye An African City social media and from the looks of it. They have finished recording and we can expect season 2 very soon.

Let’s take a step down memory lane, shall we. Here is the first episode



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