Under the Mag: scarfs and African fashion with Nomi by Naomi

As we announced earlier, we discovered an African Fashion brand that has a street chic style and of which the founder and designer has such a fun personality ABINA just couldn’t resist. As promised we got back to Nomi by Naomi, which is a fashion brand of accessories and clothing founded by 29 year old Naomi Spieker. Nomi by Naomi is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and we discovered her on Instagram. She recently launched her Fall/Winter collection. We figured, it’s time for an interview to meet this inspiring brain behind the brand.  

Naomi Spieker(first picture from left) is an Afro-Surinamese fashion designer who resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She developed her passion for fashion after she graduated as an interior stylist. Naomi started Nomi by Naomi in 2008 and then only created scarfs. In 2011 she expanded her collection to ready-to-wear clothing for women. She shared the following with us.

My Love for fashion

“While studying interior decoration, there was also a fashion section which I enjoyed deeply. That helped me develop my love for fashion. Also, my aunt was a seamstress. This also attracted me to go further into fashion. I like making looks complete by adding different elements to a piece.”

Why African prints

“I got inspired by African prints when I returned to Suriname for holidays. In Suriname, the traditional wear of the creoles (Surinamese of African origin) has African prints. I loved it right away, because it’s so versatile and every print has its own meaning. This inspired me to mostly work with African prints particularly in my clothing. I like to work with other prints too, like jersey prints and plaid wools rich western fabrics.”

 The market

“I noticed in 2008 that the Dutch public didn’t necessarily love the African prints, because the colors are quiet bright to them. However now, my products sale best in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It seems as if people from the Rotterdam area dare to take risks in their looks opposing to Amsterdam. In areas like Antwerp there is a mix of preferences between the scarfs and the clothing collection.”

About African fashion

“I think it’s great that African fashion is developing the way it is. Other movement such as Pan Africanism and more people wearing their natural hair, is great. Currently, African prints are not linked to only people who go to church or any of that matter.”

Future plans

Naomi will soon have her own studio with a showroom in Amsterdam. The public will have an opportunity to come and visit. Next to those projects, Naomi is also focusing on projects to inspire young women. She will announce this to the public soon.

Naomi just launched her Fall/winter 2012 collection and that came with striking pieces.


Photography: Richard Terborg 
make -up: Feaushion managment 
Clothing: Nomi by Naomi

Styling: Ashlee Danso

Models: Marcella van Leen/Lisanne Bouwman

For more information, you can contact Naomi by email info@nomibynaomi.com

Visit Nomi by Naomi on Facebook 

Visit Nomi by Naomi’s website 

For purchases, visit:




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