Under the mag: MO SAЇQUE hits London Fashion week


We posted last year about this shoebrand. And it’s that time that we received the news that a MO SAЇQUE shoe debuts at the London Fashion week. Such exciting news! You might be wondering why we are rejoicing. Well, MO SAIQE luxury shoes is shoe brand which is does not only have an elegant, sophisticated, good-quality collection, but is founded by a young Ghanaian woman, Afua Dabanka. Arise Magazine’s editor in-chief even stated that MO SAIQUE shoes has a chance of becoming the next Christian Louboutin. Feelin’ proud already?

The MO SAIQUE shoe was presented during the presentation of the fashion brand HEMYCA. The MO SAIQUE shoe in question was the MO SAique Bonica Boots in black. This is what the newsletter had to say about the collection which the boots were a part of. “And the clothes were equally exciting.  “A World of Glass” collection recognizes the strength, determination and compassion needed to overcome the fragility of the world we live in today.  Fitted elegance and stark lines drawn from the Deco era are deeply rooted throughout the collection, brought to life in delicate chiffon, faux fur and printed wools.  And all presented with MO SAÏQUE’s Bonica boots in black, a hit with numerous fashion editors in attendance.”

Source: MO SAЇQUE blog

This MO SAIQUE is definitely one we should keep an eye on.

Below is a picture of these boots and shoes we preferrably like. Don’t they look fab?


More information about AFua Dabanka. 

For orders, visit the MO SAIQUE website.



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