Under the mag: Mina Evans

Fashion designer Mina Evans-Anfom at her fashion show launch in 2010

African fashion and African designers are rising. This refreshing movement, that critics call ‘just a trend’ is taking over the world, with its bright colors, African wax, animal prints and tribal accessories. Under the mag this time is Ghanaian fashion designer Mina Evans-Anfom. Mina Evans-Anfom, who is the brain behind luxury brand Mina Evans, recently launched her new summer/spring collection called Terra Ferma. Mina Evans fashion is just launched as a brand for 14 months and it’s such a success already. Having styled artists as TuFace en Becca and having a success after her first collection was launched in 2010, Mina Evans is at it and it’s definitely someone we should keep an eye on.

The collection Terra Ferma can be described as elegant, hip and glamorous clothing with colors from orange, beige, mustard brown and brown. The collection is definitely appealing to the classy and trendy woman who likes to work with a little bit of color. It is a bit different from the Afro chic, which is more into the alternative direction. The Terra Ferma collection has also been incorporated with beads.

Mina Evans-Anfom, who is a Ghanaian, launched her first collection Jewels and Tulle in 2010. It did not take long and it already became a success. Especially her shirt line for men, which has African wax incorporated in the shirts. The Mina Evans collection was also available at the Soko Stingo market.

Below is a picture of Tuface and Becca wearing Mina Evans clothing.

Want to know what Mina Evans’ thoughts are about African fashion becoming such a success? Read an interview with the designer on This is Africa.

Below is footage of a photo-shoot of Mina Evan’s spring/summer collection provided by FashionistaGh.

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