Under the mag: Marazetti

There is so much enjoyment to discovering more designers who are using African prints, fabrics, jewelry, colors and so much more into their fashion designs and collection. The designer who is under the mag this time is: Marazetti.  Marazetti is a fashion collection of clothing and accessories, such as slippers, sandals, pumps and bags made of Ankara (also known as African wax) and Kente for men and women. A lot of other designers have this type of collection; however their craft doesn’t look as professional as this one. You can see that this is great handwork. And the price ranges from $30 and up. Perfect!

Marazetti is founded by Fanta Kamara in 2011 in Liberia. The brand focusses on the development of women and girls in our nation. With its intention to address issues such as employment, lack of technical skills in Liberia, the collection is produced by women who are traumatized by the 14 year civil war in Liberia. These women are trained to create Marazetti and do something positive.  The objective of Marazatti is to provide a stable working environment for these women.

According to Fashionbombdaily, Fanta Kamara states the following: “My ultimate goal in life is to inspire as many young girls, to develop a passion for something, to promote, motivate, enhance their talents to the fullest and sustain a high level of confidence. I also want to promote developmental change while helping as many people as I can to a better future through passion and fashion.” Very impressive.

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