Flybird: An Epitome of an entrepeneur


Franky Boateng is the Founder & Creative Director of the brand Flybird. Flybird is an establishment which specializes in fabricating characteristic accessories in the form of backpacks and purses. He is a graduate of The Hague School for Fashion and Clothing. 

Reading the story of his journey prior to the establishment of the brand in addition to his Ghanaian origin is a source of inspiration.

From him giving up priorities to save money for his business and making it to this very stage, attest to the fact that indeed there is no success without hardship.

Thus, “to make the impossible, possible” which is what Flybird stands for corroborates the thorough thinking process behind the brand. 


The concept behind the logo is equivalent to freedom and independence. Hence, “a Flybird bag is not just a bag” there is a tangible story behind each item which is also quite obvious by the looks of the meticulous design. The Fall/winter collection, Ambassadors of Life consists of casual and contemporary designs. Some men might refer to the uniqueness of the designs as ´not their cup of tea` and see it as a reluctance to purchase, given the fact that it requires some amount of confidence to carry it around.

But I find it as a hogwash excuse because it can be the replacement to your gym bag, school bag, vacation bag and even your shopping bag. e.g. you can refuse the H&M or the Zara shopping bags and dispose your purchased item(s) from these stores into the Flybird bag.

The Flybird bag is not just a fashion piece. To me personally it exhales life, energy, a story, culture, confidence, leadership and last but not least success.

You can view Ambassadors of life, Flybird’s 2012 f/w collection or purchase your Flybird piece on their website.

On another note, A philosophic fashion video created by menswear label Onfront in collaboration with Cavemen was just launched. Cavemen is a poetic smelting pot in which style, masculinity and the art of storytelling are combined to add an extra dimension to fashion video and blogging. Among the fashion brands worn in the video, is Flybird’s Ambassadors of Life collection. A very good video.


View the Ambassadors of Life collection below.

Photography from the Ambassadors of Life collection is from Richard Terborg 




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