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Never have I felt so much left out in a positive way with an African fashion line as with the fashion brand called Dearcurves. Dearcurves is an African fashion line that is specially designed for the woman with curves. I am not talking about the slight curves that some of us women might have around our hips and buttocks, but I am talking about the woman with a ‘plus size’, which means size 18 (UK size) and up. In Africa, being plus size doesn’t seem much of a problem as in the western countries. I mean, most of the clothing that is made for ‘plus size’ women in Africa is mostly custom made. In some African countries, plus size is even regarded as ideal. But that is a subject for another article. When it comes to Dearcurves, skinny chicks are excluded, high quality fabrics such as Asoke, Ankara, gele, George, Bubu and TIV lace ánd confident, stylish and voluptuous are included. We are one of the first to have an interview with the beauty behind the brand: model and designer Linda Idegwu.   

The founder and the designers of Dearcurves, Linda Idegwu is born and raised in Nigeria. During her time of modelling, she had to deal with the challenges of finding the right clothing for curvy women. She dedicated herself to finding the solution and that is how Dearcurves came about.

“Been Afrocentric and a keen fashionista, I decided to use fashion as a way of promoting my African culture. I use African prints as a staple piece for all my designs.”

ABINA:  How did the name ‘Dearcurves’ come about?

Dearcurves: “I knew from the onset I wanted a name that reflects my target market-hence the curves. Incorporating cheerfulness/ optimism in the name lead to the addition of ‘dear’.”

ABINA: Where are you based?

Dearcurves:” Dearcurves is an online store. Our stock are made in Africa and shipped out to our customers from London where am based.”

ABINA:  What/who inspires your designs?

Dearcurves: “Primarily African women, I however travel a lot for inspiration and happen consistently dive into fashion as it was back in the olden days. I am fascinated by the early 20th century and presently working on how we can incorporate that era into our designs of course with the usage of African prints.”

ABINA: Where are your clothes and accessories produced? 

Dearcurves: “Our products are made in Africa, we once had to create sample of our size 18 range in the UK. Other than that, we make our product in Africa.”

ABINA: Where do most of your buyers come from? Why do you think that is?

Dearcurves: ”U.S.A. Apart from the fact that our products are beautiful and appeal to anyone who loves African/alternative fashion, I think the majority of the African Americans in the states are keen on been synonymous with their roots and wearing African print is one of the ways of been associated with Africa. I also have lots of buyers from Paris and Germany.”

ABINA: How do you think African fashion has developed over the last 5 years?

Dearcurves: “Massively, we have seen a surge in the usage of African fabrics by various designers within and outside the borders of Africa. The incorporation of Africa fashion in most high end and high street collections suggests the western world finally sees and appreciates how beautiful and exotic African fashion is, and the ways our( African and Western) ideology of fashion can be brought together to create beautiful products. I reckon the African fashion market will continue to grow as long as we remain consistent in showcasing the various exotic edge African fashions has to offer.”

ABINA: What are the future plans for Dearcurves? 

Dearcurves: “Expansion, we are presently in talks with major department stores in the States and Paris about having our products stocked in their outlets. We also have several stockist across Europe.

ABINA: Thank you



Dearcurves clothing can be purchased via her website.

You can also find Dearcurves on Facebook



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