To the Roots and to the Beads!

We, African women are familiar with wearing beads around our necks, hips and arms. It is part of our African culture, Ghana is popularly known for producing beads. In Ghana, beads can be purchased at almost every corner. The beauty of African beads has gone beyond the borders of Africa to the rest of the world. And it is back in fashion.

Beads were formerly used as currency. This became of different value to Ghana later on. Also, were beads traditionally worn by African royalty. African beads are now a tourist attraction and it is becoming more popular in the foreign trade. The material where the beads are made of recycled materials, such as glass bottles. According to tradition, blue means purity, white means fertility and gold means wealth.

African beads are available at most African food and beauty stores in Europe, but the best place to buy is in on the streets. For example in Ghana, there is a great variety of colours available and the price is ‘negotiable’. This means that you can get it for half of the price than was instigated. Show the seller that you’re smart and you know that they add prices when they realize you’re a tourist

For more information, visit: African trade beads 

African Beads worn in todays fashion. A caption from Time magazine

Watch the video below about African beads.



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