Tigo Glitz Africa fashion week in Ghana fabs and faux

We are so sad that we couldn’t attend the Tigo glitz Africa fashion week 2012 in Ghana. ABINA would have been so present with a camera and happy face at hand. So we have decided to bring you a little recap based on what we think are the most fabulous looks that came on the runway. Tigo always provides me good service when I go to Ghana and need a phone card. It seems that Phone services and products aren’t the only thing they are serving. They served the world this last week with a fabulous fashion week. We looked at the overall styles and how up-to-date the styles are. The most elegant and fascinating looks came across. And some fine male models, FYI. 

The overall look of all the designers look absolutely fab! Even though I’m African, there is a distinct difference between the African fashion in Africa and in Europe. So there is most likely a difference in taste. For example in them Nollywood movies, the stylists of those movies tend to dress the actresses in dresses with huge belts on them. Those huge belts are a NOT-DONE here in Europe, CHAI! Also, European fashion can stand a bit more nude and fashion ‘raunchiness’, like torn up stockings and jeans. In Africa, that type of dressing is rather provocative. Also, nice fashion for men have been passing on the runway. Brands such as Kolture Apparel, Black pepper and more.

Wana Sambo

Aya Morrison bikinis

Ohemaa Ohene

Kolture Apparel

Those Kolture Apparel trousers are definitely nice for males to wear. House of Farrah definitely brought an elegance on the runway. Her line somewhat reminds me of Morrocan influenced wear. However you might want to call it. There is definitely sophistication in that pink dress. It is perfect to wear for a dinner with your in-laws or even for church. Wana Sambo took a daring step with those nipple covers, though. She took it to lil’Kim-gone-muslim, amazing! Aya Morrisson, Ohema Ohene, Giles Toure collection, Kofi Ansah also came by. Also, our chocolate Sensation Chris Attoh passed by on the runway.

It is a pity though that talented African designers don’t really do much online. Some designers don’t even have a website or anything of that matter. Hopefully, it will change soon, because African fashion is booming and the world wants to get a taste of this booming industry.

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Source pictures: Ameyaw debra

WHich designs of the fashion week did you like best? More pictures on Ameyaw Debra’s flickr page




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