Streetstyle: Upscale Chic

ABINA is always on the lookout for the most fashionable looks on the streets. There are tons of reasons why we share fashion. Fashion is liberating, honey! At least, as long as the money is being spent according to the pockets, lol. These following fashionable people wore looks we just had to share. Find out why. 

1. Our first stylish lady is blogger Kim Dolman. Kim just has a vibrant, funny and happy attitude which I love a lot about her. Her energy is not the only vibrant thing. Ms. Dolman rocked a stripe trousers with a bright yellow pullover and matching deep pruple lipstick. Her look was very chic. She nailed it with the deep purple lipstick. I love how deep purple lipstick can be matched with bright looks and also nude looks. For instance, a white dress. Matching deep purple with dark colors, can easily make you look Goth. Not that that’s a bad thing, but hey, we Africans we like Bright thins oooh. Ms Dolman nailed it.

I have read great things about purple lipstick from M.A.C, Nars and Chanel, especially about that Chanel one. That lipstick stays on you like a drop of red wine on a white wedding dress. A conditioning purple lipstick will have your lips covered for about 26 hours, yup. I fell asleep wearing that purple lipstick from earlier of the day and woke up still wearing it. That’s some strong lipstick.

2. The following lady, AnnaPotapenka (at least, that’s her name on Instagram) came in walking into the room in Amber Rose style: glasses on, holding a glass of wine and not speaking-too-much-mode. Also a blogger and wearing an Anna Dello for H&M  glasses. Seriously for me, wearing shades indoors is no use, BUT this lady made me want to wear her shades.AnnaPotapenko for our Streetstyle caption.

3. This cute young man was wearing this shirt that just made me smile. The shirt has a tribal vibe going on. So, for the fellas who thought wearing a bright shirt like that, was daring, you still might want to try it. Young man on Streetstyle ABINA Upscale Chic

4. The following au naturels looked lovely. I ran into them during the Chrisette Michele concert. I loved how lady on the left took a yellow top and combined it with a natural look. Lady on the right was wearing what I call: Pimp-Chic-shirt. Simple and chic. You know ABINA loves chic.Streetstyle on ABINA with these ladies

5. I met lady-wearing-Pink-jacket at Blackfashionweek in Paris. She had a motorbike/vintage thing going on.A streetstylista at Blackfashionweek Paris with a motorcycle jacket

 6. Fur, Fur, Fur. Lady wearing fur, kept it fluffy and nude. Not literally, of course. I’m talking about nude colors. They are still in fashion and they are easy to match with a nice fur coat, obviously. I’ve mentioned  that I am a fan of the bun.  The heels,  the coat, the bun.. CHAI! Lady looks Chic. If you’re looking for a nice fur coat, I’d recommend vintage stores. Vintage stores have classic colors and styles that will have you feeling all rich like Mary J. Blige´s look in the 90´s. If you’re not a fan of wearing vintage, I’d recommend good quality ones, so that you can wear them when your kids are grown. Lol.Furr coat and nude colors in our streetstyle caption

7. The following gentleman appeared in our previous Streetstyle post. He is at it again. Wearing a traditional black wax. West-Africans often wear this black materials to funerals. It’s often combined with Red. It’s overall chic.


ABINA has more goods for you in store. Our camera never stops taking snaps. What do you think of these looks?



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