ABINA meets the streets: Statement necklaces


Statement necklaces have become my thing. There is nothing like a beautiful big chunck of jewelry hanging around your neck on top of a good outfit. This month’s ABINA meets the streets is all about statement necklaces. We ran into these lovely ladies who wore their statement jewels at its best. Enjoy! 

Uzuri Numeau

Uzuri Numeau (couture), founder and fashion designer, Audrey Ngo Mbog wears an absolute lovely statement chain that completes her look with one of her own blazers. This shows that wearing a statement jewelry with simple chic clothing is the way to go.

Statement necklaces

There is a way of wearing your statement necklace with a print top like the following lovely ladies. This combination with the print top and chain makes the top look like one.

Statement chains

Me and y chain

chain black


Statement necklaces

The lady above came through looking a star. It is obvious this lady knows how to complete her look with accessories that make every statement. Her look is extra chic and sophisticated.

Statement necklaces



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