This Spring’s fashion must-have: printed pencil skirt

Andrea Giaccaglia For many of us, spring has started. This means: we can finally show some skin without having the risk of becoming ill. One of this spring’s must-haves is a printed pencil skirt. We spotted the lovely Ghanaian actress, Andrea Giaccaglia wearing an outfit by Krazy Kulture. The skirt was unfortunately not available on the web store. But we know some fabulous skirts like her you can find.

  1. Prelim AnkaraAfrican fashion skirt

The Prelim Ankara Skirt is available on Zuvaa for $99.00.


  1. Yetunde SarumeAfrican print skirt

Yetunde Sarumi Ankara Wrap Skirt is available on Shop Doku for $64.00


  1. Amara ZainaAfrican Fashion skirt

Amara Zaina skirt is available on Zuvaa for $75.54.


Shipping costs may vary dependent on your location.

At the moment, Andrea’s skirt is not available online. Keep an eye on Krazy Kulture’s website.

Have a blessed week!



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