Spring 2012: A romantic feel

The spring collections of the clothing stores were staring me in the face, as I was looking for the best sale items to add to my wardrobe. As it stared at me, I felt as if I was being lifted into this romantic and sophisticated feel. When I ran into L’Officiel magazine with Chanel Iman on the cover, that’s when it hit me: the coming spring is going to be romantic! The trend of coming spring is going to embrace us with a romantic feel. I know it. This means: soft colors, like white, pink, blue, flowered prints, chiffon dresses, high-waist skirts and more. Opposing to the stop blocking colors of last summer and the snake prints of the winter season, fashion is doing a flip and is appearing to be less raw. The 90’s, the leather, and the stop blocking colors swag is still worth keeping, though. It’s just now that the trend is inspired by the fashion style of the Pan Am woman and the lady of the 60’s. Below is an idea of how to go with this romantic flow and yet keep the African accents in your style. Blown away already? 

picture of actress Margret Robbie playing the role of a stewardess in American TV-series Pan AM

Pan Am is an American TV-series which revolves around a young American lady who is a stewardess and works as a spy. She undergoes different experiences with her flying team as they travel all around the world. The fashion of these stewardesses resembles this romantic trend. The resemblances are: the high wasted skirts and trousers, the soft colors, the flowered prints and the pearl necklaces. Besides Pan Am being an interesting TV-series to watch, the stylist of that show did extremely well.



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