Spread the word: sexy Idris Elba teaches Ebola prevention

ABINA never chooses to share and promote news about an issue quiet as sad as Ebola. But we could not leave sharing our appreciation for a man as sexy as Idris Elba who has teamed up with Africa United to fight against the spread of Ebola on our soil. I mean, he has obviously been blessed with the-older-the-more-handsome type of genes. In the clip above, Idris gives a team talk to the African countries dealing with Ebola on how to prevent the disease. 

Idris has collaborated with Unicef and the USA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with two videos, focused to raise funds and provide information in support of our West Africans who fight Ebola daily.

All hotness aside, we are definitely in support of this. In the words of Idris, “Let’s spread the word and not the disease.”

For more information, visit Africa United web page and follow the #WeveGotYourBack on Twitter.



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