Spotted in Ankara: R&B/Pop-group Orpheus

Orpheus Orpheus, to me is a new generation R&B/pop group the world should look out for. Yup, I said it, the world. If you thought boybands died off, you might want to think again. This Dutch based R&B group is fashionable to the utmost and most importantly: their harmonies are sick like.. Jackson five, but then in a new version. They’re running in the Dutch X Factor competition for a record deal. And this is not the kind of group that has that annoying lead-singer. Nope, none of that. They all sound thàt amazing plus they’re fashion is sick. Guess what, I spotted them wearing Ankara and thought: this is definitely a must-share.

Orpheus was born September last year whereby they had to perform at an event organized by Epitome Entertainment. The group, consisting now of (from left to right on picture above) Steve City, Tevin Raynor, Micheal Blessed and Andy Brian performed a tribute to Jackson five and their dynamic and harmonies were amazing. They nailed the tribute! Next to their superb talents, their personalities are as lovable as their sound is.

Wearing Ankara

Now back to their Ankara look. Orpheus wore this H&M Ankara look during their 3rd live show. The green combination makes absolute sense. Micheal wore the Ankara trousers, while Steve City was dressed in the whole suit. Either way, they both look great! Orpheus’ style is innovative. Not many music groups, especially not in the Netherlands dress fashionably well to the tip of their toes. They customize their own wear and they dare to take risks, which makes them also creative. The Ankara combination came about last week when they covered Beyonce’s Love On Top. The look, color combination looks great. Their look was co-styled by Doppelgang.

Orpheus in ankara Live show

See what this means people, you love style when you wear Ankara. 😉 Support these guys for me okay. If you’re based in the Netherlands. Don’t hesitate to spend hat 50 cents on them and vote during the X-factor live shows every friday from 8.30pm. They’re that talented, stylish and committed. Go Orpheus!

Get the Ankara look here.

Watch their Climax cover below.

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