Splendid: African inspired nail prints by Ohema Ohene

Illustrated nails provided nail arts services for Fashion brand Ohema Ohene during one of their events. No need for much to be said. This is fabulous!

The ILLUSTRATED NAIL is founded by a freelance nailartist in London, United Kingdom, who is specialised in creating Nail art with the most graphic and colourful designs. From designs of traffic boardsigns, to smiley’s, you name it. The designs which caught our eyes the most, are nail art this nailartist made for Ohema Ohene.

Ohema Ohene is a British boutique fashion brand which is specialised in African inspired fashion for men and women. The name Ohema Ohene means Queen and king in the Ghanaian language of Twi. The founder, designer Abenaa Pokuaa refers to her Ghanaian heritage with the meaning of her brand name.

Ohema Ohene caught my attention when I was looking for sneakers with African print. Most of the African printed shoes I had seen rather looked messy. Ohemaa Ohene proved me otherwise. You could say that her collection is a combination of Western fashion and African print. The overall style is very elegant. I say: take a peek and judge yourself.

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