Sozanni and Cavalli visit West-Africa! A part of booming Africa

A saying that has been said many times: “Africa is a booming nation and all Africans should be a part of it. “ I remember that this was said by Anne Merit van Hoeve who is an executive director Human resource at Vlisco Group (African textiles). I think she is true in many ways. The nation that is so much associated with negativity has a rising music industry and a booming fashion industry too! This statement leads me to iconic fashion designer Roberto Cavalli and Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief who brought a visit to Ghana, Togo and Nigeria for fashion activities. This fashion duo first visited Nigeria and then went to Togo and to Ghana. Interested to know what they went to do?

In Nigeria Cavalli and Sozanni met up with Nigerian a few Nigerian designers to talk about their work. In Ghana, Sozzani met up with Ghanaian designer Kofi Ansah. He is a fashion designer of whom I have unforgivably not written an ‘under the mag’ article about, but which will come soon! She also met up with young designers from the WEB-young designer’s hub. The Web-young designer’s hub is, according to their Facebook page, a new Association of Young Designers, which is created with the support of the French Embassy in order to vitalize the fashion industry. Sozanni dit not only meet up with them, but the group hosted a fashion show in honor of the editor-in-chief.

I am delighted to read about this. This is the moment where I see Africa’s print and trend becoming more than a trend to the fashion industry as a whole. This movement of African prints taking over high fashion clothing collections is yet a small part of Africa which is booming. Could this be a trip intended by Cavalli to draw some inspiration for a new collection? Cavalli has always been about loud, colorful and animal prints. To the fashionista’s out there, y’all should know.

Watch the video below.


In the video, Sozanni speaks about the group of designers about their work and gives them advice. Sozanni also continues the conversation saying that while she has visited Togo and Nigeria, the only place where she has seen a lot of fashion, is in Ghana. Pretty impressive, huh?



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