Soueba’s Crossfit experience: work for your body

 Soueba Gambo

So, where do I even start? Am I the only one that can’t believe 2015 has come and is about to be gone? It has been a long time coming, and I feel like I have been slacking on you guys. I know there is no amount of apologies that will make it up to you, but I thought it will be good to at least start the year off strong, fit and fabulous!

2015 has been a complete transformation year for me, with many difficult decisions made by me to confirm that. I truly believe turning 25 changed my mind-set, and matured me enough to give every decision a thorough thought before acting.

The Black Sheep

There are many things that I want to share with you that I went through this year, however, the most significant and of interest to you would be my fitness journey. When I got back from Ghana in February, I was so lost in my fitness journey I didn’t know what to do. I tried to switch my routine up in the gym, but I didn’t feel that satisfaction of progress.

Growing up I have always been the “black sheep” who would try anything that others wouldn’t dare to. This effectively had positive and negative outcomes.

Back in May, whilst sipping on my cup of tea early in the morning around my kitchen table, I started googling new ways to get fit and one thing that stood out to me was a Crossfit video I ran into. For the first time in months I felt the energy of climbing back to the top again. I immediately looked up for a Crossfit box in my area, I was lucky enough to find one 5 minutes away from my house! With excitement I called and asked if I could come in for a drop-in class.

Crossfit: what the Hell?

When I got there I thought to myself: “What the hell is this?” Rowing machine, weights, bicycles, wall balls, dumbbells, and kettlebell! I thought to myself: “How am I supposed to work out, no mirrors (yes, I love my selfies). There were different people, different languages. Literally, everything I wasn’t use to.

And there it was, my first workout: double unders and air squats! Holy crap, I had not ever done squats this deep before and let alone do double who!? For the first time in years I felt incapable in a particular sport. Although, I knew at the end of our WOD (workout of the day) that this was exactly what I needed.

Not knowing what I signed up for, the challenge continued. My first weight lifting class which included: hang snatch, push press (and I don’t remember the rest anymore) made me know that my core strength was nothing to zero! It also included Gymnastics (still hate it), basically everything that requires body weight! I felt the frustration of not being able to do a pull-up, ring dips, a handstand I can go on and on. Through this same journey I discovered that my strengths are: heavy weight lifting and sprinting (I can deadlift all day everyday). I kept telling myself: “Soueba there is a choice to be made, doing what u do best or challenge yourself to become better in something unfamiliar.”

Soueba GamboI got this!

There are days that I say to myself: “I got this”, and there are days that I just want to scream the hell out and say: “Fuck this shit I’m done!”. By not giving up and willing to learn I have seen my body transform without focusing too much on wanting to lose weight as I use to but rather become stronger each day!

I learn every day from the great people I am surrounded with in our box. We are all striving towards our individual goals but yet very supportive to push each other up through every challenge.

This is just the beginning of something new. Challenge your inner warrior and you will be surprised how far it will bring you! Happy New Year in advance and remember that I love you all!


“I could write you a million motivational quotes, I could show you a thousand before and after pictures, I could cook hundreds of healthy meals, but the reality is, you need to get off your ass and work your ass off AND WORK FOR YOUR BODY. No one can do it for you. It’s your journey, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you”.



Soueba Gambo is a Dutch based Ghanaian Business Administration student and what we call a motivational healthician. Her fitness and health journeys which she shares on her Instagram page relate to ABINA readers and she copes with what a lot of us deal with: African food and curves. When it comes to managing these attributes, she knows what to do. Soueba contributes fitness/dietary tips and tricks on a monthly basis. Her aim is to provide all readers with the guidance and motivation to achieve the body they desire and dream of. Follow Soueba on Instagram to stay updated.



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