SORRY for no posts!

It’s been quite a while since anything is posted on ABINA. Lovely ladies and gentlemen, school ooh is taking all my time this week. The annoying part is, that it’s so important for me to finish this. You know that nothing can come between school and a daughter of African immigrants. Working towards owning Africa’s no.1 fashion and lifestyle platform no be easy. While you are waiting on a new interesting stories we have the best coming up by next week.

“Chale, No be easy”

First thing coming up is a full article with Face2Face Africa. The newest Africa focused magazine.  Face2Face Africa is based in NYC and the founders are doing an incredible job. Face2Face Africa is expanding in The States and not only among Africans. Of course we’re based in Europe and we took the boldness to ask them if there will be  any Face2Face Africa in Europe. I mean, Africans are in Europe too! Let’s represent!

The second coming is our Streetstyle post. We capture the most fashionable looks on the streets. I must say, we’ve run into fashionable ones who create African looks that are very inspiring. View our previous Streetstyle posts.

Another article which is yet to be published is the look for summer 2013. We have noticed that the mass stores, like H&M and  them are grasping into prints and bright colors. They’re quiet late with that trend, though. Africa was already rocking it, lol. But still we have the fabulous heels, tops, looks to be published.

Also we have an interview with Cameroonian Jazz artist Ntjam Rosie. Who just released her second album call the Back of Beyond on the 15th of march. She also gives us the secrets to her iconic fashion looks and which stores she likes visiting.

Then we have another HairTale from an inspiring mother who discovered the best treatments for her natural hair after undergoing the Big Chop. I tell you she has that loooong natural hair. Hair so thick you just want feel it.

As you can see, there are some best articles that are yet to be published. Just wanted to let you in on everything.

“Hey, with passion comes hard work”.

If school be part, then so be it.

 Stay Blessed,




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