Attention ABINA-readers: Sorry for Delays


2014 has brought all madness with itself. Positive madness though. Visiting the homeland Ghana was fantastic! ABINA went to Glitz Fashion week, It’s Fashion Ghana Weekend and more. It was awesome! But then my laptop crashed, i lost all softwares which we edit with. That alone brought walhalla. Now ABINA’s back to Europe and I have just to finish some things for school. School be important oooh. That explains all delays to our posts. 

From next week going we have got some new things for you. First we will have ABINA’s style and Buy. This will showcase all African inspired looks and where to get the latest items in African fashion. Then we have events coverage, ABINA Meets The Streets, product reviews, African new music, interviews and more. Too much to mention. All we can say is we have loads of goods for you!

So while I’m adjusting to this cold weather, ABINA is kindly asking you for patience. In the meantime, stay updated through our Facebook page here.

Have a blessed weekend!



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