Slave Cake takes the Day

Doesn’t the picture above display a horror and a mockery of black people? I mean, look at the face of the cake and the fact that is resembles an African slave. Sweden’s minister of Culture, Adelsohn Liljeroth, took a slice of this cake shaped in the form of a naked black woman, while a real head(underneath the cake), was crying in ‘pains’. I tell you, the black communities have not taken this cake matter lightly. Also, the creator of this cake Makode Linde, is black! The minister is facing calls to step down, the Association for African Swedes demanded the resignation of this minister and the museum where the event took place was threatened with bomb threats. Watch the video and tell me if the black community is reacting too extreme.

The artist, who is black and Swedish, said the piece was meant “to create a Westerner’s perception of Africa in contrast to the real picture of slavery and oppression”.

Swedish racist cake cutting

Black communities come from a strong continent that is Africa. We have taken so many punches along the years and we’re still standing. We can absolutely take a joke. Look at black comedians in particular; they make jokes about black communities all the time. But somehow, the movie is just hard for me to watch. The whole image shows a mockery of slavery. After all, western countries have benefitted from African slavery to this day, whilst a large number of Africans are living in poverty. We can recall the same sad story all over again, of course. Bottom line, this is an offensive action. Ms. Minister needs to be addressed. Regarding, the charges and threats against her and her squad, I think she will think twice before she slices down any cake from now on.

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