We actually like it: Sister Deborah’s new single Borla

Deborah Vanessa, also known as Sister Deborah, is a Ghanaian television presenter and music artist who is quiet known for not being afraid to create some controversy in Ghana entertainment. To many, it is not surprising, since she is Wanlov’s sister, which makes it almost easy to say that creating controversy is something that is in her genes. Don’t get it wrong, we think Wanlov is hilarious and we admire the bold personalities like Sister Deborah and her brother who just don’t give a crap. Like her brother, Sister Deborah is not afraid to get naked in front of the camera. Her recently dropped shoot caused quite some commotion online. And the TV presenter and music artist was not afraid to bite back. She even let us know in her own way that we better get right what she was doing. She also released the video of her new single Borla, here is our own review.

After having discovered a video of the now released shoot of Deborah Vanessa, we commented a “????”. The presenter gave a response in the pic below.




Following the comments made on the pictures that came online eventually, she didn’t hesitate to respons also. Read the response here.

Ghana and tradition

Let’s be honest, the Ghanaian public doesn’t associate nudity with sexiness that easy. I mean, if a star like Jackie Appiah would pull a Kim-Kardashian-breaks-the-internet stunt, there is a great chance that that she would be considered a prostitute and one would question whether she has lost her mind. We are sure Jackie would not pull off a stunt like that, not just because she has actual talent, but she doesn’t want to be identified with in that way.

Some might regard the African public as too conservative. Mainly because sexuality is not completely censored in the media. Sex scenes from Nollywood movies can be quiet detailed, if you ask us. And lets not forget that Afrobeats videos are not worth that much without our sexy dressed African sisters showing a little skin. Speaking of showing some skin, Sister Deborah is obviously not afraid to take sexiness a little further than what the public is used to.


Unlike the record of her previous video Uncle Obama, we like her new record Borla. Not to forget the strong message of the song that women are not to be treated like trash. Regarding all comments made by her, makes us wonder if Deborah Vanessa is giving too much about what people think about her? We must admit we love her hustle and we admire any African woman who works hard. She might not have the best singing voice, but she definitely has the attitude to keep the public’s attention.

We also like you to listen to her track Little Light. From the sound of it, next to Kelis she will probably be the second girl who screams on a track people will like.

If you’re  in for an African lady who does not give a crap and has a very hard hustle, follow Deborah Vanessa on Facebook and Twitter.




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