Did you see it? Christie Brown’s new look book


Christiie Brown 2We will admit this: we have always been a fan of Christie Brown. Not just for her memorable and exclusive accessories, but because of her refreshing collections. We discovered the results of her new look book and they look awesome! We have spotted new looks like jackets, skirts and it seems as if the army green and marine blue is definitely the theme for her collection. See how fab this is!

Christie Brown’s new collection: Coup de Classe is what we call a futuristic sophistication. The use of more deep colors still embraces the colorfulness of the modern African Woman. We believe this collection is appealing to both African and international runways. We expect ladies like Yvonne Nelson to Michelle Obama and even Kelis to wear this collection.

In a quiet competitive industry where African Fashion is close to home-made in which any designer can create their own collections, we believe that Christie Brown is on her way to becoming a market leader. Only thing left: we just want to see her collections available at more stores.

As summer has ended we also like to reflect on her fabulous Spring/Summer 2015 collection below.

The founder, Aisha Oboubi is one heck of a creative lady. Way to go Aisha!

On the runway





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