Rihanna spotted wearing Ankara in Stella Jean

Rihanna in Stella JeanWe know, we know, when the world sees another American celeb wearing African, it’s seems as they have a new found love for our fashion. This is not just any celeb, it’s the Island girl Rihanna wearing Ankara in a lovely sophisticated Stella Jean dress. The dress looks very chic on her. Find out where to get yours.

The Stella Jean Barbara Print Dress shirt combo is available on Lane Crawford.com for £685.

My fellow Africans, we are very much aware that the pricing of styles we see on celebrities are by far different from the price we pay to our seamstresses and taylors for a dress like Rihanna is wearing. That definitely goes for the American and European based brands that use Ankara, Kente or Batiks. Stella Jean is an Italian based brand that is a brand of high value and of which people will pay more money for. Stella Jean definitely used a good strategy for her brand.

In the meantime, I hope that there are some entrepreneurs among us that see potential in putting African made (fashion) items in western markets. Made in Africa can definitely gain money for our continent.Stella Jean

Either way, we love the style on Rihanna!



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