Reasons why we love the lovely Eudoxie

Eudoxie AgnanIf you type the name Eudoxie in Google, you will most likely receive the news that Ludacris finally proposed to his lovely girlfriend (who is Gabonese by the way). ABINA follows Eudoxie on Instagram and what we love the most about her is that this lady loves her African culture and she is not afraid to show it. We absolutely love her pictures ranging from her home made African dishes, her natural beauty and her fashion style. While the year comes to a close, let’s look at few simple reasons why we love Eudoxie.

  1. We love her sense of fashion and especially that moment she wore that matching fabulous blue dress from Issa (available on Catch 22 Boutique).

  2. We definitely got the memo that Eudoxie is one intelligent graduated lady. Next to that, we love that Eudoxie can fix hair like a lot of us African women can.

  3. We love that Eudoxie has ‘natural’ curves. That means unbought, unpurchased and without-a-lease kind of curves.

  4. We love how she shares her African dishes on her Instagram page. From the looks of it, she can probably kill a goat and make a delicious soup out of it.

  5. We love how she cherishes her mother. There is nothing like the sweet-mother-I-no-go-forget-you type of love.

ABINA is not about the gossip and we don’t act like we know her based on her Instagram posts. But we do take this engagement announcement as good news. We wish Eudoxie all the best in 2015 and in her marriage. And we hope to interview her one day about her fashion sense and her African culture.



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