Real Talk: Are Nollywood love scenes going a little bit too far?

Every West-African is familiar with the terrifying and loud sound effects of African films, or how it’s now popularly known as Nollywood films. Of course each country produces its own films, but when your country’s movie star appeared in a Nigerian film (Nollywood production), that’s when you know that star has made it big. So also the Nollywood industry has made it big. I mean, that DVD with the dramatic hardcover pictures of actors and actresses labeled with a surprising title as: Beyoncé, or Blackberry babes comes from the second fastest growing film industry in the world. You got that right, Nollywood produces a home DVD each month and we can’t get enough of it. One film can be produced in friggin 4-part series and it will leave you in anticipation until you watch the rest of it. Think of it, before most of the films would be revolve around religion & witchcraft, now it’s more about love and family drama. Speaking about love, the love scenes use to be quiet short comparing to Hollywood films. Before, you would just see the couple in question kissing and going inside a room and that would be it for the love scene. However, now the Nollywood lovescenes are so much in detail that the moans, different positions and orgasms are included in the footages. At times it makes me wonder: “is this for real?”. Is Nollywood taking it a bit too far?

Actors such as Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Majid Micheal and more obviously don’t find it a problem to get ‘into deep’ in front of the camera. For instance, watch the trailer of this Ghanaian movie called 4 Play.


In the movie 4 Play, the love scenes are quiet raw. At least, if you compare it to the move The perfect picture. The movie the Perfect picture has a sophisticated way of displaying a lovescene. But, I will leave that for u to judge. Watch below.



It’s obvious that veteran actors like Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Nouah and more didn’t use to perform love scenes to such an extent. Overall, Africans aren’t as open with their sexuality as Europeans are. So it makes me wonder, will it change our views on sexuality. Do you think it is acceptable for Nollywood movies to display such ‘open’ scenes? I wonder if you get paid extra for such scenes. That last one is just a funny thought.

Caption from Nollywood movie





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