Don’t go home after work, Let’s Celebrate life at Pink Friday

Pink Friday 2013It’s breast cancer awareness month! As we gladly experienced Pink Friday last year, supporting breast cancer awareness, it’s that time of the month. Coming Friday on the 11th of October, the founder and director of Lady-Africa, Irene Hin, who is also a breast cancer survivor, is organizing another Pink Friday. Pink Friday is an event held fully in a pink theme with performances, pop-up stores, music, food and more to raise an awareness about breast cancer, to remember those that lost their battles to the disease, to celebrate the survivors and to donate the proceeds of the event to a worthy cause . Pink Friday isn’t the only event that has kept Ms. Hin busy. She has been nominated as RED’s Hot Woman of the year under the category Fashion, by Dutch fashion & lifestyle magazine called RED. Way to go, beautiful African woman!

I wrote an article last year about how important the awareness of breast cancer is. I keep saying: that cancer is a bite from hell. And it’s good to also have our African women, who usually do not feel the need to get tested, to get tested, live healthy and practice the rest of the to-do-list that comes along. We don’t attend Pink Friday to just drink Cosmos, but to add to this worthy cause and indeed, as the promo states: to celebrate life.

Pink Friday will be held at the Hampshire Hotel, Babylon in The Hague, The Netherlands from 4pm to 8pm. Hopefully, see you there!

RED's Hot WomenIn the meantime, of course we want our Lady Africa to win her award. She deserves the nomination. As RED magazine describes; Irene shows with her online fashion store that Africa deserves a prominent place in the worldwide fashion. We can help Irene winthis award, by voting for her on the website of RED magazine. Note, the language of the website is in Dutch. So, you can just press ‘Lees meer en stem’ under her picture. Just VOTE!

For more information, visit Lady-Africa on their website




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