PEARL event recap and pink champagne at Pink Friday!

PEARL eventLast weekend was enjoyable. We had the chance to visit PEARL event, which was a pleasant event for networking and enjoying products and entertainment for the woman of color. This year’s Pink Friday was also a lot of fun, inspiring and of course full of pink champagne, candy, loveable people, you name it. I don’t go anywhere without my camera. So if you want to see how Africa, color and culture was celebrated in most creative ways, you need to watch these pics.

PEARL event, which took place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is definitely an event for a girl’s day out. There were exhibitors, pop-up stores, and major brands, like Mizani, Black Opal, Nouba, Olive oil and more. And also, there were several workshops from learning how to wrap the African head-tie to learning how to work the runway. I didn’t attend the workshops, but I did have the chance to network and meet new faces and new brands. I must say, it has been a while since I have seen bigger events organized for colored women in the Netherlands. I say, PEARL event should keep doing this. I believe it is marked to be even bigger and better.

Femme Ebene at PEARL event

Hair product Femme Ebene at PEARL event

I discovered very interesting brands. For example Femme Ebene. Femme Ebene is a hair product line without chemicals that will make thick afro hair look more curly. It sounds like a magic formula. But it’s real. The founder even gave a demonstration of how her products work. Take for example the pictures above. Both women used the products on their hair. The founder is the lady on the left, by the way. The founder used the products 4 days ago. 4 days ago her hair looked straight and with every day, the hair looks more curly. She explained that when she goes to bed, she just wraps her hair and in the morning, she just shakes and go. I touched her hair myself. It’s none of this Coming To America Soul Glow greased moisturizer. It felt very clean. I don’t know what this lady’s formula is, all I can say: it looks good and healthy. And that with NO grease and no chemicals. Watch her video on Youtube here.

And of course there were some ladies that looked absolutely fabulous. Also, jazz musician Sabrina Starke was around wearing a lovely Kente print top.

PEARL event streetstyle


Below is my first edit with my new camera ever! Here’s a snippet of the Pearl event fashion show.

Pink Friday

Pink Friday was a blast like last year. This time around, I could only stay very short, but I was there long enough to know that there was a very good vibe. At this year’s Pink friday there were even more exhibitors. Also there was a fashion show, there were performances and of course was pink champagne.

Watch our Pink Friday and our PEARL event pictures below.



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