Ozwald Boateng goes Soweto

With long anticipation, we’re still waiting on the collection our very own sexy Ghanaian Ozwald Boateng is going to create for women. He has done great by making taylor made suits  for man and he has made such an established name for himself all over the world. But it still ain’t around for women. We can’t complain, because we are 100% sure he’s going to push a collection that will keep also the ladies all fitted. In the meantime, Ozwald Boateng has been busy. His just launched the images of his shoot from his summer/spring collection in Soweto, South Africa and it seems that there are a few clothing for women too. His Spring/Summer collection was shot in Soweto, South Africa. It looks absolutely fantastic. The fitted suits, oversized pants and inspector-gadget-look-a-like hats against the colourful buildings and streets of Soweto look great. Ozwald calls it a European take on African aesthetic. His African, he’s successful, he’s fine. A chocolate sensation should be devoted to him!

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