OLIVA TWEEST: The first ever Afro beats musical hits London

OLIVA TWEEST is a new Afro Beats Musical which is set to take place on April 15th  2013 at the Lyric Theatre at the heart of London’s West End. The first Musical of its kind to ever take place in the West End and it is promised to feature some familiar faces which are present in the burgeoning Afro Beats scene.

The story behind the Musical is inspired by the mega tune “Oliver Twist” by The Koko Master, D’Banj. In a nutshell, the story is allocated in the modern day of London and entails a young man (Tobi) with a bountiful amount of promiscuity whose past life returns back to torment him when he comes in contact with a young lady(Testimony) that will change his life forever.

The combination of young established and upcoming actors/actresses, along with the great imagery, alluring choreography in addition to the resounding vocals are bound to bring the visions of the creator, script writer and the creative team to life.

Yinka Ayinde, a young entrepreneur and creative event/project manager who created the story and themes of ‘Oliva Tweest’ went on and said this has been the most challenging project he has encountered up to date. This attests to the amount of struggle and passion that was put into the production. The creative team and script writer did well by including cameo performances of two of my favourite UK/African comedians Eddie Kadi and A Dot Comedian.

Eddie Kadi is one funny dude. The somehow Nigerian accent that he sometimes puts on is impeccable to the extent that you won’t even think this dude is Congolese. His energy, delivery along with his African jokes just hits home. Watch his Youtube channel here.  A Dot Comedian is a whole different ball game due to his raw approach in addition to his accent. Look up some of their clips/sketches on YouTube if you are in for a good laugh and you won’t be disappointment.

Aside from the aforementioned appearances, the creative team behind ‘Oliva Tweest’ – The Marimba Project assures the presence of several special guest artists. The ‘Oliva Tweest ‘ live band who will also be performing delightful cover renditions of some of the popular Afro Beats tracks originally by the likes of  Wizkid, D’banj and many others.

There is no doubt ‘Oliva Tweest’ is going to make history as the first ever Afro Beats Musical to ever step foot in London’s West End theatre. Given the huge anticipation, accolades have to be given to Marimba Project – the creative team for the delightful production.

Tickets for the event are currently on sale. Grab your ticket if you are going to be in London on April 15th.

For Tickets, click here.

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