Friday Jam: Blakk Rasta, Africanism and dancing cares away

I’m just spending my Friday listening to the latest African tracks and I just ran into music videos, which I played on repeat. Blakk Rasta(popularily known from the Obama Song) collaborates with Jay Amber on his latest single ‘Our Africa’ with a message that is quiet inspiring. And it’s a good reggae song with a catchy hook. Not a fan of all his music, but at least, the message I am grasping from this video is that we as Africans should safekeep our identity. Well you know ABINA is all for it! Also, Ruff N’ Smooth’s new video is making me dance. Listen to it under the cut. Enjoy your Friday!

“y3 na y3 ready”! That hook will stay in your head, believe me.

Another video that will be on my playlist is Ruff N ’Smooth’s latest single ‘Dance For Me’. The Afro Pop duo is popularily known from their hitsingle ‘swagger’. That song was on replay when it launched in Ghana, I tell you. The video however is cliché to the max. I mean, what more simple way is there than shooting your video at the club. These artists should learn to add storylines which will keep people amused. Oh wait, a story comes at the end bit.

The message of the song to keep dancing in spite of what comes your way is lovely. And you know what, I still love The Smooth’s, regardless. This song should be enough to get you grooving in Coupé Décalé ways for the weekend.

What do you think?

Have a FAB weekend!



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