A new online talk show: the Sandra Appiah Show


In a time where online talk shows pop up about every week within our African communities, there is a talk show that I am actually excited for. ABINA is exited for the Sandra Appiah Show of which its first episode with  pilot season started  last weekend. One of its missions is to showcase the journeys from successful Africans. From the looks of pictures which surfaced the internet, the show will do that very well. Sandra Appiah who is one of the founders of Face2Face Africa is the host of the show and from the looks of it, stars like Alek Wek, Femi Kuti, John Dumelo and more are set to have a talk with Sandra. The first episode is good already.

Every two weeks, a new episode will be released for the coming four months. The first episode stars Femi Kuti. Watch the first episode on their Facebook page.

Visit Face2Face Africa website here.

Alek Wek and Sandra Appiah



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