The new African Heritage Fashion

By Sade Adebayo Sade AdebayoThe presence of African fashion talents and designers during the Fashion Weeks give this beautiful continent the opportunity to showcase its socio-cultural magnificence and let the world know about our history and traditions.

The African fashion week wants to promote and expand African fashion businesses locally and internationally, leading to the growth and development of the economy of the whole country, but also to the appreciation of the African culture by a larger audience. Attending a fashion show by one of the very talented African designers in New York, such as Adirée, Eki Orleans, Firkirte Addis and Sally Karago, would make the world stop perceiving Africa as the black continent dominated by poverty.

The audience would now see the great talent, creativity and entrepreneurship of this emerging continent, establishing a new way consumers view its products: luxury goods and glamourous clothing lines. Like, those of David Tlale, who presented his line inspired by African and Victorian style, focusing on dyed prints, soft folded prints in white contrasting with strong bead work and stitching or flowing garments for men and women.

Sade Adebayo African fashion is walking on the biggest and most exclusive catwalks in the world these days during fashions shows taking places in London, New York, Paris and Milan. African fashion designers have had the opportunity to show their creations to the world, no longer being passive spectators of the fashion industry, but active players that can finally innovate and dictate the new trends all over the world. Look for free ads on websites to get inspired on the latest African fashion trends and find different clothes and personal items and create a unique style.

Thanks to these spectacular three days of fashion shows, African fashion is not only about beautiful dresses and colourful patterns, but a good opportunity for international business partners to grow their interest and decide to invest in African fashion businesses.



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