Networking, fashion and Black hair at Black Styles Weekend

Black Styles Weekend AmsterdamThe weekend of 16 and 17 November is going to be a pleasant surprise: Stephany’s Black Styles magazine presents The Black styles Weekend, a full weekend of with black hair shows from hair stylists from America, England and the Netherlands. And we are giving away 4 tickets! It is promising to be spectacular and I must say, I can’t remember any hair show that was slamming. I went to one some time ago in The Hague. It wasn’t African-American type of hair show. You know the lights-camera-action-experience. Stephany’s Black Styles, which some of us know as a magazine, is  with all sorts of inspiring hair styles, health & fitness and lifestyle stories and more. The Netherlands actually needs a magazine like this. Stephany’s Black Styles magazine is taking a route into a new lane and presenting us the Black Styles Weekend. Let’s see what’s on the program and find out how you can win your  tickets. 

Black Styles Weekend is organized to have people networking and bring target groups together with qualitative hair and skin care brands, which they carefully selected. The organization of Stephany’s Black Styles noticed a lack of variety in hair and skincare brands at events. So they chose to put forth a show with international brands.

Black Styles Event will be a combination of workshops, markets and shows. The main shows will be given on the main stage. Various workshops will be given on the first floor, while various brands focused on hair and skin will hold a market on the main floor.

The African Fashion Designer Show

On Saturday and Sunday, the African Fashion Designer Show will take place from 6pm, where fashion designers from France, Suriname, Cape Verde, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana and more countries will showcase their collections. This will not only be a platform for African designs, but also other clothing, like evening and wedding clothing. I mentioned Mike Sylla, the designers with the fabolous jackets I still need to have in my life, in our review posts about African Fashion Week Barcelona. He will be among the designers who will showcase at Black Styles Weekend. Other designers who will showcase, are Melissa Oehlers, Fomeya Outtara, Arriz Golden and Lish Jecinta. Can’t wait.

Black Styles EventMain Stage

Firstly, we can expect hair style shows, make-up shows, extension and wig show (from the UK), sisterlock shows and dreadlocks show.

The Workshops

The workshops will give an up close look on how to treat and maintain your hair and skin.

The market

Among the brands that will hold a market are, Mixed Roots (UK) and Mazuri (Paks hair & Cosmetics), Designer Essentials (UK), Hair Everlasting (UK) and dreadlocks brand Mango & Lime (USA), BSQ Skin care, African Queen and Bigi Mama (represented by Aheco).

Of course there will also be food and drinks. The weekend is about networking, socializing, enjoying and celebrating black hair with no loud music, no off program, but perfectly enjoying black hair.

Black Styles Weekend will be held In the Bijlmer Sport Complex, Anton De Komplein 157, 110 DR in Amsterdam South East.

You have a chance to win 4 tickets to BlackStyles Weekend in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Repost the following picture on Instagram or Facebook using #abinaonline hashtag and you will have a chance of winning yours! 

ABINA online Blackstyles weekend giveaway

Tickets are available at National Information Offices (known as VVV-kantoren) and they can be ordered online via Stephany’s Black Styles website.

Can’t wait for this event! Invite all your friends, family who make use of black products and come and enjoy. Of course, ABINA will be there to cover the event. See you there!



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