Natural Black Hair Event Recap

NBHevent AfrogirlsNatural Black Hair Event held its second edition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and we are proud to say that we were present. It was a delightful, informative and fun event  about our natural hair. And I can definitely say that this event contributed in the way I treat my natural hair. We met up with new people and were introduced to various hair brands relating to our hair, like ORS, Huetiful, Design essentials, Cantu Shea Butter and more. And not to forget, we enjoyed the highlights of the events with hair demonstrations by Sister Scientist, Felicia Leatherwood and a beautiful music performance by Sabrina Starke. 

Sister Scientist & Felicia Leatherwood

Sister scientist (Erica Douglas) gave us information on ways to maintain our hair through changing of seasons.  Felicia Leatherwood is one lovely lady who can FIX hair as she gave us a demonstration (view picture and video below) and showed us the different types of hair care for each hair type.

Natural Black Hair Event


What did I learn?

I have been natural for years and I always find a way to hide it under a wig, weave or put on a protective style like braids. I vowed to rock my hair when it reaches the length I want, which is on a Leela James or Teyonah Parris kind of length(lol). My thing was that my hair would break during winter times and I never really understand why, because I thought I was doing enough to protect my hair. It all made sense at this event: change of seasons can do a lot to our hair. Especially, in extremely dry weather conditions like here in the Netherlands. Little did I know the kind of impact change of seasons could have on our hair. I learned that throughout the seasons my hair needs a deep moisturizing treatment twice a month.


Pictures of Natural Black Hair Event



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