Michelle Williams wears Ankara in Mélange Mode

Mélange ModeIt seems as Ankara is taking American stars like a whirlwind. Last week, Beyoncé posted a picture on Instagram wearing Ankara in R. Reuel.  Maby only a few noticed that the other third of Destiny’s child, Michelle Williams was spotted wearing Mélange Mode in an elegant halter dress. After celebs like Beyoncé, Solange, Fergie, Kelis and more were spotted years ago wearing brands like Boxing Kitten and Jewel by Lisa. The Atlanta based, Mélange Mode brings a fantastic combination of prints and very elegant styles and stars wearing it fabulously.

Mélange Mode

Mélange focuses on incorporating beautiful bold African Fabrics with modern European fashion. Combining a mixture of these two worlds creates the perfect union between trend and classic couture. All pieces are designed by an African-European designer with the inspiration of unifying these two diverse cultures through fashion (source: Mélange Mode Facebook).

Our favourite look is Beyoncé’s dress. The combination of the prints and the style suits her shape perfectly. Mélange Mode

Want to buy? Visit Mélange Mode on Etsy. Follow Mélange Mode on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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