Meet Vintage Gh: stylist that innovates African series

Vintage GhVintage Gh is an Accra based alternative lifestyle brand and art house and continues to blow us away with her inspirational styling as was showcased in the hit web series An African City. As every week went by and an African City aired online, we wondered who was responsible for the excellent styling of the cast. We were pleased to meet Jojo Abot, founder of alternative fashion brand called Vintage Gh.

Vintage Gh

Founder and stylist of Vintage Gh, Jojo Abot

Vintage Gh: “Vintage Gh is Ghana’s first Vintage and alternative fashion brand. Our dream is to build a creative house of designers, stylists, photographers and artists with an interest in fashion and a curiosity that fuels new ideas and inspires a new generation of artistic expression in Ghana and the world at large.”

ABINA: “How did styling for an African City come about?”

Vintage Gh: “I reached out to the Director and writer of the show Nicole Amarteifio asking her out for drinks at a time when I was having a tough time loving Ghana. Like most returnees, I was going through my challenges and needed someone in a similar situation to speak to. We met weeks later and she asked if I would be interested in being an on-set stylist for the show. It all happened very suddenly and unexpectedly.”

ABINA: “Who did you love styling the most of the cast members?”

Vintage Gh: “I had five gorgeous unique women to style. My job was easy and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I particularly enjoyed styling Sade (Nana Mensah). Her character is sexy, outspoken and daring, which is a perfect combination for experimental styling. We all had a blast.”

Vintage Gh

Styling by Vintage Gh

“I express my artistic side through multiple avenues, therefore I am inspired by artists in various areas as well. I believe music, visual art, dance and nature itself are at the core of my inspiration. Individuals and brands such as kofi Ansah, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Wangechi Mutu, Lucky  Dube, Brenda Fassie, James Barnor and Fela Kuti among a long list of other timeless creative have and continue to inspire me greatly.”

ABINA: “How would you style a lady going for a job application?”

Vintage Gh: “I love the idea of a woman in a 3 piece suit. A well-tailored Jacket, vest and pants/skirt adorned with jewels and a bit of colour and print go a long way in making a good first impression.”

ABINA: “Which three international celebrities would you love to style?”

Vintage Gh: “Character and personality are everything when it comes to style. A free spirit with an alter ego hidden somewhere is my ideal client. I would really have fun styling Angelique Kidjo, Wanlov the Kubolor and Lupita Nyong’o.”

Vintage Gh

Styling by Vintage Gh

Vintage Gh: “I am currently working on Vintage Gh’s first collection as well as finishing up my first Fashion Art book #IAMVINTAGE. Look out for both this year.”

Vintage Gh: “There are many faces and shades of the African man or woman. Never assume you’ve seen them all. We’ll shock you with our unexpected and unpredictable beauty and limitless talent. Our individuality and culture as Africans is our strength and I hope more of us return in time to invest in as well as explore opportunities closer to home.”

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