SATC meets Africa: A new episode of An African City

I have become totally in love with a new series that surfaced the web, called An African City. I mean, i am loving it to the extent that I am actively encouraging all African young women I know via Facebook and Whatsapp to watch it. When I promote a series to that extent, it means that I am madly in love. An African city is about 5 African female friends who are raised in the West and move (back for some)to Ghana. While they have taken the big step to leave for the motherland. They are coping with living in Ghana and when it comes to their love lives, they are experiencing some very familiar challenges. An African city is glammed in style. Think of brands like Christie Brown, Aya Morrisson you name it. One sentence: West Africa meets Sex and the City. You need to watch this!

The cast

The main character, Nana Yaa (played by Maame Yaa Boafo) grew up in New York state and she is who I regard, a straight-forward career woman who is looking for love. Nana Yaa will go after what she wants. She reminds me a bit of my sister: intelligent and sassy. Then there’s Sade (played by Nana Mensah), a Ghanaian-Nigerian raised in Texas, who is more of a go-getter and who doesn’t mind having her cake and eating it too. She will date older men, receive expensive gifts and call it ‘doing what needs to be done.’ Then there’s Ngozi (Esosa E), a Nigerian international affairs graduate who is probably the good and playing-it-safe girl of the bunch. She is also the most religious one of the group. Makena (Marie Humbert) is a Kenian born, Ghanaian-British divorcée and jobless lawyer. I think she has the most crazy dating experiences so far. Like going out to dinner with this guy she met at a funeral who made her go Dutch on their date (episode 2). Or doing ‘it’ with a man who seemed to be the perfect one untill he started breaking out gallons of sweat (episode 3). Last but not least, there is Zainab (Maame Adjei), the Sierra Leonian born Ghanaian, who makes good money, because she has a very good eye for business opportunities. Challe, if you hear the money she makes, you’ll pack your things and come to Ghana. Read more about the cast here.

The fashion
Their styling is phenomenal. Nana Yaa’s outfit from last week: Chai! She was wearing one of Christie Brown’s pieces from her Dure F/W collection. I spotted many designs that are worth sharing. Especially Nana Yaa’s outfits. From the look of Maame Yaa Boafo’s instagram, she wears some New York based designs. I don’t know what it is with these New York designers, they’re hand work has this exceptional look. They’re relatively expensive, but gorgeous. There will be weekly posts published on fashion of this webseries. An Anfrican City


An African  City is posted on  internet every Sunday. So let’s get the red wine  glasses ready, webisode 4 will be showcased today!

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