Marazetti: a fashion brand from Liberia

Marazetti Marazetti, a Liberian fashion production company focused towards the developments of women and young girls in West-Africa, has always been a vision of the founder; Fanta Kamara, which came to life towards the end of 2008. Where she had taken a vacation back to her homeland Liberia and as a result was so inspired by the different fabrics and leather materials used in clothing and accessories. Fanta fell in love. So did we when we discovered Marazetti on I noticed the shoes with the Kente fabric at first and then discovered her handmade leather purses and handbags and thought: where is this from? To find out, this beautiful Liberian fashion line is not yet officially launched, yet favored by a growing group of fashion lovers. 

Marazetti The name Marazetti was born after Fanta’s return from Liberia, where she had brought back gift items for her partner. Their conversation after her return became endless. Within a few hours, they came up with the name Marazetti. Fanta Kamara started with Marazetti in 2008 and has since then been under the radar. “We have clients in the middle east, the US, Europe and more. It’s been amazing that people truly appreciate our pieces and continue to render their support. We’ve been blessed. We do hope however to have a launch very soon, when the time is right. We don’t want to become a fad brand, so we’re taking baby steps”, Fanta shares with us.

Fanta discovered fashion through pageantry. She is former Miss Universal Youth and Miss Liberia Ohio. “Pageantry didn’t allow much room for creativity. I had always been encouraged to pursue modeling and when the moment presented itself, I hopped on. The final push came from my friend, Macdella Cooper. It was amazing; the freedom of expression and individuality and the conceptualization of fashion in unimaginable forms was mind boggling. It was such a fascinating experience that I just couldn’t resist. It allowed FANTA to be FANTA, with no boundaries or limitations. Don’t get me wrong, the industry is tough and critical at times, which can be extremely frustrating, but I had discovered a passion for fashion, Fanta shares with us.

“Black, white and Liberians”

 “So there is a saying about Liberians: ‘There are three kinds of people in this world: black, white and LIBERIANS’, which means we are just ‘every kind’ of people in such different ways. We can be completely complacent and unmoved yet so innovative and creative beyond our wildest imagination. Although we’d suffered almost two decades of civil war, the passion for life still runs very high. Known to be one of Africa’s most hospitable countries and people, we see the positive in everything. We can be objective when ‘we’ feel necessary. Most importantly, we dance to the beats of our own drums. I could also add our endless amount of resources and amazing geographical blessings, like waterfalls, blue lakes, mountains, rainforest, white sandy beaches, beautiful flowers and still home to Africa largest biodiversity, but no, it’s the People!” Fanta shares with us.


Marazetti currently has two stores in Liberia, one in central Monrovia and another at the prestigious Bob Johnson 4 Star Resort/Hotel in Paynesville. We are reconstructing our website as well, so that customers can have more access to our items. Our blogs are a bit outdated, but still active. Our Facebook page has teases quite often. We can ship to anywhere in the world. One of the reasons why customers are so attracted to our brand is the affordability (from$10 to $350 USD) and most importantly, our innovative designs and wearability. Our wide range allows everyone to enjoy a Marazetti piece. Our goal is to go global and have a location in every major city! Fanta adds.

Marazetti and scholarship

One of Marazetti’s objectives is to establish a scholarship program to assist youth in pursuing higher educational opportunities.” Currently we are remodeling our scholarship program to include certain demographics, once the process is complete we will go full throttle.” Fanta shares with us. Read more about Marazetti’s scholarship program here.

Marazetti and the future

“For now I’d like to focus on the expansion of Marazetti and creating awesome products that you’ll come to enjoy. I do hold a degree in Computer Programming, Information Technology & Technical Management, so maybe, I’d do some consultancy, but not while Marazetti is still in its incubated stage. I’m also an MBA Candidate so I hope to get back and finish school soon and not let it be one of those 50yrs of schooling trails.”Marazetti bags

The development of African fashion

“African fashion within the last 5 years has captured the fashion industry and its becoming a force to reckon with. I feel like it’s a revolutionary time! For so long, we have been told that we are the rejects of all human species, what we wear was unattractive and so on, but now when we start proving that these statements were wrong and our continent has endless creativity and innovative designers, everyone runs to Africa (including Burberry, Prada, Cavalli, DVF, Gucci), the list goes on. Now Africa is the new hot spot for fashion. My generation has definitely changed the game. We are breaking all barriers and we keep pushing.”

It’s all about courage

I think the most important thing is passion and courage. Great ideas come all the time. Its having the courage to bring it to life that matters, especially when everyone is trying to discourage you. For me, with those two components, I used the negativity as motivation. This was a challenge, one that I thought was very much worth it. I analyzed my situation and decided to dive in. It’s all about COURAGE.

At the end of it all, I always say to people,
Be Bold, Be You, I AM AFRICAN!

ABINA: Thanks, dear Fanta. Marazetti is not only a collection that I love and reminds me of the art centers back in Ghana, but also a fashion line with a story. Thanks Fanta for sharing with us. We are looking forward to the big launch.

Visit Marazeti on her blog, Twitter and Facebook.



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