Louis Vuitton and Kenyan Shuka for Spring/summer 2012


The African fashion is booming. We all can admit. The whole world is becoming aware of our colorful ‘swag’ and fashionable taste. What we also see, is elements of our traditional wear being used for high fashion. I mean, we see it in on the cover of the magazines. It’s all nice and it gives us Africans a sense of pride. But the sense of pride has experience a little twist these days. The summer/spring collection of Louis Vuitton uses the iconic red Shuka, which is worn by the Maasai people from Kenya. The picture above shows how it is worn.  Critics state that Louis Vuitton actually have stolen this look from the Masaai people. Is this the same as when Marc Jacobs used the ‘Ghana must Go’ bags for Louis Vuitton collection in 2007? Louis Vuitton will make money off this and also Black Bird Jeans and many other brands. Some say that it’s quiet unfair. What’s your say? 

The Shuka is an eastern African fabric and is worn draped around the body. High fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Black Bird Jeans have incorporated this look in their new collection. The same goes for West and Central African fabrics which are used in designer’s items. Fashion designers obviously draw inspiration from Africa. The reason why Cavalli and Italian Vogue editor-in-chief paid a visit to Nigeria, Ghana and Togo, is probably to refine their craft. Should we actually blame them and accuse them of stealing our traditional wear for their runway project?  View pictures below to look at what else dear Louis ‘stole’ from our culture and give us your opinion.

Watch a view of the Louis Vuitton fashion show. Thanks to Stylerumor Mag

Visit Style.com for a full view of the Louis Vuitton 2012 spring/summer collection

Read more about the Ghana must go bags . Thanks to Myweku



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