Lola Rae drops new video alongside Iyanya in Ankara

Lola RaeI stand for all the ladies in the Afro music scene and Lola Rae is one of them! The Afrobeats scene is male dominating and we need more fabulous females taking over radio time. Lola Rae is an artist to look out for. ABINA was mad at the autotune on her voice at first. But this turned into love fast fast! Her song Watch My Ting Go is very catchy. She just dropped a single featuring Iyanya called Fi Mi Le and I just could’t keep my eyes off her gorgeous Ankara outfit. A taylor made outfit by a talented London based designer. Find out who this taylor is.


Lola Rae’s outfit is designed by Zeeksconcept. Zeeksconcept is a London based fashion brand which also created Iyanya’s suit. Watch the video below and let us know how you like.


Lola Rae

Lola Rae wearing taylor made Ankara trousers and coat by Zeeksconcept. Source: Lola Rae instagram





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