Lioness Oyinbo: The first white singer signed to a Nigerian label

Lioness Oyinbo

Lioness Oyinbo, yes the name says Oyinbo(referred to white man or white woman in Yoruba), is a Norwegian-born artiste who recently released a song featuring Emma Nyra. I had to look twice at the single art of her latest single Selebobo. I must admit, the white lady caught my attention and after hearing the single, we were very impressed. After researching this ‘Oyinbo’ singer, we discovered a very interesting story to this artist.

Lynn Siri Martunissen, known as Lioness Oyinbo who is also a journalist, fiction writer, is blind. She initially ventured into Reggae/Dancehall, but that was to no avail. As she share in her interview with Punch. She has now fully located to Nigeria and she is getting ready to blow us away with more records.

This is a very interesting story and we are looking forward to hearing more of her music. Listen to her collaboration with Emma Nyra below.

Follow Lioness Oyinbo on Twitter and read her interview with Punch here.





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