In Fashion news: Lady Africa styles The African Mamas

Lady AfricaThe African Mamas returns after five years to Dutch theaters. The musical showcases the inspiring story based on Paul Simon’s legendary album Graceland. This succesful show features powerful South African singers alongside Dutch singer-songwriter, Leoni Jansen. The cast is beautifully dressed and styled in Lady Africa’s original designs. This is a must-see!


Thirty years ago Paul Simon reached the height of his success with his album Graceland. As he was one of the first Western musicians that combined pop music with South African rhythms and melodies. During the apartheid and its controversial time, his famous Graceland concert in Zimbabwe in 1987, brought together thousands of blacks and whites dancing to his music.

The show

This is the seventh show of this international group. During this show, Leoni Jansen and the African Mamas go back to the groove of Graceland. They perform songs like Homeless, You Can Call Me, Under the African Skies and the Sound of Silence. All performed in true in South African vibes.

Lady AfricaLady Africa’s touch

Specifically for Graceland, the successful fashion house Lady Africa has designed costumes for the African Mamas. Leoni Jansen and the African Mamas each wear handmade African designs that each has a unique touch. The African prints are made by Julius Holland, the renowned exporter Jansen Holland from Helmond.

Lady Africa imports high quality fashion and accessory brands from the most promising designers from Africa. All her collections are put together with care. Each item is unique and created with love and skill. Since 2015 Lady Africa designs and produces one-of-a-kind clothing with an African touch. As Lady Africa’s slogan goes: “Made by loving hands, worn by exceptional people” she continues to set her mark in the Dutch fashion scene.


Tickets for The African Mamas are available on websites of the theaters. More information can be find on and

Want to see? Have a look at the promotional video of The African Mamas below.



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