Ice Prince represents Nigeria at the Breakfast Club

Ice PrinceIce Prince, one of Nigeria’s Afrobeats/hip hop superstars who is popularly known from his hit Olekuwas a special guest at the Breakfast Club. We believe it is no coincidence, as we spotted a picture of him with Jay-Z on his Instagram page. Who knows, could this be the sign of making ventures in the U.S? In the interview, he did mention some negotiations that are going on between him and ROC nation. 

The Breakfast Club is a weekday morning radio show from New York, that hosts hip hop/urban music with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. Every day of the week, they interview an internationally known artist in ways they only can. And they are hilarious. We share this with joy to see our African stars on more international platforms. Mind you that Africans do very well spreading their music all around the world thanks to international urban media platforms. However, Americans are more difficult when it comes to embracing international sounds. But I do believe that the American music business as well as American listeners now realize that a lot of talent are outside the United States also. And even U.S based labels are signing African artists (e.g D’Banj, P-square), because it is a money making business now.

Ice Prince

Ice Prince with Jay-Z. Source: Ice Prince’s Instagram


When it comes to ignorance on Africa, African-Americans probably rule in that arena. Africa is often confused as a country and some might still believe that we live in trees and huts. But we are positively stating that this ignorance won’t last another decade. As Ice Prince is one of the African artists that is representing Nigeria on international platforms and on this interview, he explains very well who Nigerians are and what Afrobeats music is.


To us Africans, America has always been regarded as the country of big opportunities. And it’s great to see that African music is receiving more international recognition. But do we really need it? I mean, D’Banj’s music was making more hits when he was still with Don jazzy and not signed to GOOD music. And if you ask us, P-square is at its best when they’re actually making Nija music, unlike their single Ejeajo (featuring T.I), which clearly has an American sound. What do you think?

Watch the interview below

By the way, ODG Fuse should be the next African star on the Breakfast Club and Sarkodie should be on there afterwards.



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